SK / GK Roots

Research Team – SAK

I was born in East Meadow, New York, in 1965. One of my favorite pastimes is following the trails of my ancestors.

My motto: No trail is too cold.

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Research Team – GAK

Glenn was born in Washington, Pennsylvania in 1958.

He does a great job of listening. This is harder than you might think, considering he’s married to a card carrying genealogy and history nerd, who can drone on about “the family” for considerable periods of time. To be fair, a couple of weeks ago I did sit quietly and allowed him to describe to me in great detail the nuances of the 2015 Pittsburgh Pirates starting line-up.

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Research Team – Charley

Charley was born on Labor Day, 2011, which is ironic considering he hasn’t worked a day since we brought him home.

He’s a British Golden Retriever that we obtained – after being asked to write an essay – from the “Dogwood Springs” Golden Retriever breeders. Don’t let the “British” part fool you – he’s as American as they get; he genuinely loves watching baseball on TV. Read More