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I love family history with a passion, but I do feel compelled to remind anyone who happens to be reading this page that I am not a professional genealogist. I have great respect for those who make their living researching the minutiae of other people’s lives, but truthfully, I have a day job and this is just a hobby for me.

So, while I will always do my best to provide sources when I have them, I¬†would like to warn readers that this website should not be used as a primary source for their own family research. This site is merely my own attempt to document my family history. If I know as I’m writing a post that the information is problematic, I’ll say so up front, and hope that you enjoy whatever thrilling historic tale that I’m telling, regardless.

Having said that, I welcome conversation about “The Family”, and if you would like to share information or ideas, by all means, please leave a comment on any of my blog posts, or send me an e-mail directly at

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  1. Love your website. I too am a descendant of Elizabeth and Robert Feake. They would have been my 9th great grandparents, by way of their grand-daughter Martha Bowne. Feake-Bowne-Thorn-Cock-Weeks, etc. Will have to read “The Winthrop Women” some day.


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