So, Why “Hell Gate”?

Back in the mid 1600s, my 9th Great-Grandfather William Hallett owned a farm on the western edge of Long Island, in the area that is now present day Astoria. It was known as “Hellgate”, or “Hellgate Neck” named after the dangerous portion of the East River that bordered it. But why the name “Hellgate”? 

William Hallett, the Original King of Queens

Born: 1615, Dorset, England
Died: 1705, Queens, New York
Sally’s 9th Gr. Grandfather

The Winthrop Woman

Born: 1610, Sussex, England
Died: 1673, Queens, New York
Sally’s 9th Gr. Grandmother

A Stitch in Time

A brief look at Manhattan’s “Garment District” in the early 1900’s