Meet Benoni Stebbins, Puritan Bad Boy

I first became intrigued by Benoni Stebbins when I read a story about his early life that someone had posted on But the more I read about Benoni and his life and times, the more I realized that he was just one small player in a fascinating, and much larger global conflict. When I first started researching his story, it seemed to me that if his life were a movie, it would be a lighthearted comedy adventure, starring a young Mel Gibson, or maybe a handsome and snarky Chris Pratt, as… Read More

William Hallett, the Original King of Queens

Born: 1615, Dorset, England
Died: 1705, Queens, New York
Sally’s 9th Gr. Grandfather

The Winthrop Woman

Born: 1610, Sussex, England
Died: 1673, Queens, New York
Sally’s 9th Gr. Grandmother